Vote 1 – Adam TROYN, LYONS ward


My name is ADAM TROYN (some people call me troy:nee – I’m cool with that) and I am running for the LYONS ward at the 2021 City of Darwin General Election.

As a member of the community, I have come to realise over the past 4 years that there are certain restraints within Council that hold Darwin back from progressing as a city that is able to not only retain but also attract more people to want to live and work here. Several seemingly exciting projects have ended up in the too hard basket, and I believe the lack of a shared vision and collective action on Council had something to do with it.

Not only that. The very people currently elected on Council do not represent the majority of voters responsible for keeping Darwin’s status as the youngest capital city by age group in Australia. I would like to change that by advocating for and supporting ideas that will see a new Darwin emerge over the next 4 years. One that will be more progressive, daring, and future-focused. A place that people visit, and never want to leave.

This is why I am running. With your help, I’d like to help steer this awesome city towards goals it deserves to achieve for itself, its residents, businesses, and visitors. Read more about me here!

About Me / FAQ’s

Have a read through some more information on me, why I am running, and so forth.


Click here to find out how you can connect with me, or where to find me if you want to chat.

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”


There are some potentially transformative projects out there worth pushing through the red tape for. These are some I’d like to help realise with your vote.


An ambitious project which has been talked about for ages, but hasn’t actually happened. A project like this could really boost the city economy, and provide a much needed escape for health focused tourism. As a surfer myself, I know just how great it would be to be able to catch an actual wave in Darwin.


There are too many camper vans, buses, and 4WD’s parked randomly in quite corners of our inner city streets during the dry. That’s because nobody likes to camp miles out of town. So why not use some of the large plots of available land to build a proper campground for interstate and international visitors?


Unlike most cities in Australia, Darwin is in a unique position to capitalise on available parcels of land on the outskirts of the CBD to drive more traffic into the city, and contribute to creating a bigger city economy with major events infrastructure like an AFL Oval capable of seating 25,000+ read more here.


Given the number of people moving to Darwin from ‘down south’, it would be ideal to create a spot where ocean swimming is both accessible and safe. An asset like this would only add to an already growing outdoor recreational trend in Darwin. Sunday nights at Darwin Icebergs? Yes please!


East Point is definitely one of the most spectacular locations in all of Darwin, and has become a ‘go-to’ hub for fitness and family recreation. But there is a lot more it could be with improved facilities, and activation. It’s time to polish this rough diamond, and show it off to the rest of Australia.


Do you have an idea you’d like to get up? Get in contact with me!


Activating spaces we love with events is what breathes life into this city. New venues and events should be explored to create more distinctive spaces for people to hang out and enjoy Darwin’s unique lifestyle.

Westralia St

In collaboration with the Stuart Park Traders Association, and local stakeholder groups, a Friday Night Market would help transform Westralia Street and the local park into a more family friendly area. This would benefit local residents and businesses while not overlapping with Mindil Markets.

Darwin CBD

It’s too hot in Darwin during the day. But where else in Australia can you go out at night without being cold? That’s right. In Darwin. It’s an opportunity that is staring us right in the face and I think there’s a lot that can be done to increase visitation to the CBD during the evenings.


Interesting how we’ve gone from growing up playing sport on the streets, to being glued to our iPads or iPhones, to now wanting to go back outside. I’d like to combine underground street sports like 3×3 basketball, calisthenics, parkour, and double dutch into a fun 2-day national event.

Not just the CBD

Security in the CBD has been a widely talked about issue, and the increased presence of security guards on golf buggies has helped. I think this service should extend into inner-city suburbs such as Stuart Park, The Gardens, and Parap in line with growing Darwin’s Evening Economy.